What is a European Citizens' Initiative?

The basics...

Any group of EU citizens can launch a European Citizens' Initiative. Seven different EU citizens resident in seven different EU countries can form a committee, register their initiative and start to collect signatures and support from across Europe.


EU Citizenship 2017 has a committee formed by residents of the UK, Ireland, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Greece. Our supporters will come from across the EU.

How does it work?

Once the committee has registered itself and gained approval it can start to sign people up to the Initiative. One million signatures are required from across the EU in order for the Initiative to be successful. Different levels of support are required from different EU countries dependent on population size. So this is a big task!


Once the million signatures have been secured the Initiative is then given serious consideration by the European Commission. They will beliberate and discuss the Initiative and may invite representatives of the Initiative to present their argument.


The European Citizens' Initiative is a democratic instrument designed to allow large numbers of citizens a voice in the Commission. It is hoped that the outcome of this initiative will be that the rights and responsibilities of all current European Citizens will be respected and protected in the years to come.

Further information...

For more information visit: European Citizens' Initiative Homepage

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