In Limbo


Brexit Testimonies from EU Citizens in the UK

From an idea by Elena Remigi, Collected by Elena Remigi, Véronique Martin and Tim Sykes

With forewords by George Szirtes & Ian Dunt

Imagine... Imagine you left your native country because you wanted to explore your neighbouring world and embrace the European dream. Imagine you truly believed that the European Union was your home and that, as well as being a citizen of the country you were born in, you were also a citizen of Europe. Imagine you fell deeply in love with your new country. Imagine you built a life there, married, had children, a career, started a business... You felt happy and totally integrated. You were at home.

Then one day, your new country decides to vote to leave the European Union, which means that all the rules you have built your life on are going to change. One morning, after years and even decades, you suddenly feel unwelcome, unwanted, betrayed. Your certainties, your life and your security are gone. Your sense of identity too. Through no fault of your own, you are stuck in a painful limbo.

This is what has happened since the Brexit Referendum in June 2016 to the EU citizens who have made their life in the UK. This book of testimonies is their voice, their stories from Limbo, haunted by the poignant question: where is home?

Collected by Elena Remigi, Véronique Martin and Tim Sykes

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EU citizens elect the European Parliament and participate in its work, thus exercising treaty rights, enhancing Union democracy, and reinforcing its citizenship. Noting the ECJ’s view of Union citizenship as a ‘fundamental status’ of nationals of Member States, and that Brexit will strip millions of EU citizens of this status and their vote in European elections, requests the Commission propose means to avoid risk of collective loss of EU citizenship and rights, and assure all EU citizens that, once attained, such status is permanent and their rights acquired.


Submitted on 17/05/2018 and registered on 23/07/2018.

EU Citizenship - why our rights matter

"My national identity is deeply important to me; both personally since I am proud to be a European, but also for the sake of all our people, young and old whose rights to live, work, retire and travel freely within the EU, I strongly want to protect and defend."


"As a Briton, who believes in Europe, and has a life which spans this continent, I cannot give up my European citizenship without a fight. I'd like to know how this initiative progresses, for my rights, my fellow Britons and all Europeans." Samuel


“For peace, human rights, culture and economy we are all European and should not have this right removed from our identity. It is indispensable and central to our way of life.” Polly


“My rights as a UK citizen living and working in the EU are about to be take away from me. I am just one of the millions who was not offered the opportunity to voice opinion as to whether the UK should remain or leave the EU. Retention of my EU citizenship is a most vital aspect of my life. The British government does not act in my name and is not supported by the British people. Indeed the government is supported by 17.4m people and not the 65m people as falsely claimed by the PM.” Stephen


“Where do I start? It's still unbelievable that the UK wants to leave the EU. Please help the 48% retain their European identity and citizenship. The UK government doesn't represent us-- I hope the EU will.” Suzanne


“I am a citizen of Europe and do not want to have my rights taken from me. Organisations and initiatives like yours are key to helping cope with the realities of where the nation now finds itself placed.” Lawrence


“I support retaining my European Citizenship - more than furious about the UK government taking my rights away - rights I have used happily and proudly for 40 years in many ways - very disappointed that my son may lose the rights I have enjoyed also and desperate for him to have the same opportunities.” Nicola


“For a Europe without borders and for a Europe of people working for an improved and shared future.” Malcolm


"I refuse to have my future, and that of my family, stolen away" Andrew


"I did not vote for Brexit, I did not vote to leave the EU. I Wish to remain in the EU. I have a German wife and lived in Germany for 13 years. I know we are better together." David


"I am British & am about to be forced into a situation I couldn't even vote for. Thank you for helping me and all the other British people who are in despair about our country and its leaders. Retain EU citizenship!" Sally (Spain)


"I am first and foremost a European and retaining this citizenship is most important to me." Paul


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